" -age: suffix, from old French ...  sense of appurtanence or collectives [eg] baggage, carriage, vicarage, language, village etc." -- New Shorter Oxford English Dictionary


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I'm an engineer by nature and profession, so most of my inputs on this site are technical and my hobbies and interests of a practical nature. Each section has some hints and tips I've developed that may be of interest.

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Avenue Bridge, watercolour (12"x20")My part of the site includes recipes, some of my poems and my paintings.

I have recently taken up painting, and most of what I've done is here. If you are interested in buying one, please get in touch. I've also made notecards based on some of these paintings, contact me if you'd like to know more.


Insights for Change - Coaching and Personality profilingI am a qualified leadership and career coach and experienced MBTI practitioner, see my site Insights for Change if you'd like to explore life coaching, career coaching or enquire about personality type profiling (MBTI) .

I have done research into choosing web colours for colourblind users, which was widely known some years ago. I have moved it here to my own domain for stability.

Grace ...is our narrowboat. This section is due for updating, because we have done many things with her since her purchase in 2009.


Our son Timothy now lives with his wife Caroline and daughter Josephine in York. The Cryosphere is his web site. Caroline now makes and sells hand made chocolates from her web site FoxyChocs. There is also a FoxyChocs Facebook page.



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