It's often said that :

"A bad day's boating is better than a good day at work"

But do you know how good or how bad? Use this table to rate your day, just tick the boxes that apply to events in your day. Each event has a points rating, positive for good negative for bad, and the points are totalled at the bottom of the page.

A positive score means you had a good day and a negative score indicates you had a bad one...

It's a Bad day when ... It's a Good day when ...
Stern rope catches on tiller pin & chucks it in into cut Fish tiller pin from cut with magnet on a rope
Boat yard has run out of coal (winter only) Find stack of logs by mooring
BW watermate key missing BW water point unlocked
Crew member falls in cut Crew member looses baggy jogging pants getting out
Boat runs aground Sun comes out
Reserve gas cylinder runs out Big mug of tea on the hatch (per mug) Mugs
Overhanging branch removes cap & dumps it into canal Big slice of fruit cake with tea
Its cold & raining per Hr Hrs Bacon butty eaten on the move
As above with Sleet per Hr Hrs First hour of snow
Subsequent hours of snow Hrs Wake to pretty hoar frost
Ice on Canal per cm thick cm Smell of lamb in red wine and garlic wafts over counter
Creep past moored git-in-Cap & still get shouted at Meet fellow Cutwebber's
Must reverse due to blockage per 1/3 mile & bridge items Reversing without hitting anything per 1/3 mile & bridge items
Pub with big "Good Food" advert doesn't do meals Warm welcoming pub at end of long cold day
Fishing match (per rod) Rods Angler smiles and returns greeting (rare event)
Pick up "stuff" on prop See Heron
Step in Doggy Do on towpath See Kingfisher
Stoned by kids on towpath Self pumpout kit reaches kids on the towpath
Make mess of lock entry surrounded by gongozzlers Git-in-Cap makes mess of lock entry surrounded by gongozzlers
No one sees you perform stunning boat handling Display stunning boat handling skills
Gate paddle locked Find mooring rings right where you want them
Gap in moored boats shorter than your boat Other boaters move up to make room


Total points
(Thanks to Ron Jones for his programming)