We love the peace and relaxation when travelling on the canals and inland waterways of England and Wales. Truly one enters a different world, one where the old courtesies are largely still observed. The mutual exchange of pleasantries is routine between passing boats and towpath walkers. Whether one is deep in the countryside or passing through a town, it all seems so different from the water. In the country one sees the wildlife and farm animals. The towns seem much more inviting without the hassle of driving and one way systems.

As of June 2009 we have a new narrowboat called Grace, a 57 ft steel boat which has its own section on rigdenage. Visit Grace now.

signwriting on MaximusBetween February 2001 and May 2009 all our trips were aboard Maximus, a 60' long x 6'10" wide steel narrowboat weighing 17 tons. It can sleep up four in comfort and six at a push. It is owned and operated by the Maximus Owners Association of which we had a 1/12 share (and at one point as many as 3 shares).

  • Before that we hired boats and you will find some hints on hiring to give newcomers some idea what to look for in a hire boat.
  • For owners there is a survey of diesel and pumpout prices - soon to be taken over by Bob Draper...
  • There are also articles on fans for distributing heat round the boat.
  • And for amusement the is a calculator to help you decide whether you have had a good day's boating.

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