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Metamorphosis: poems of transition by Christine RigdenI write poetry, some of which I've included here. More can be found in my book, Mis-Steps and Dances.

NEW book of poems now available - Metamorphosis: poems of transition.


I develop recipes, designed to have lots of flavour, be quick and easy to make, and to yield plenty of portions!

Teapots at TorkseyPaintings

My work so far, mostly in watercolours, some in acrylic. Now working with oils.


My previous work as a consultant with BT involved evaluating and designing how the user interacts with technology. To see my research on colourblindness, go to Safe web colours for colour-deficient vision.

Web sites

Apart from the Rigdenage group of sites, I have also created -



I am a qualified and experienced Career and Life coach, and can help you to know yourself - who you are, what you want to do or become - and to support you as you work out your goals and how to reach for them. The content is what you want - I help with structuring your search.

See my site 'Insights for Change' for details, and contact me if you'd like to know more.

Personality type

I've found the Jungian model of personality (as used by Myers-Briggs theory) very useful for understanding people and personality. See the

I offer personality profiling (using MBTI) for individuals and workshops. An understanding of what makes up who you are is key aspect of my coaching.

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