Grace @rigdenage

nb Grace A photograph of Grace at the marina

We bought Grace in June 2009, after many years of membership of the nb Maximus syndicate. This page has a summary of information about her, for those who are interested...


Grace is an all steel 57' long semi trad narrowboat, built by Heritage boats of Evesham in 2005.

Paint work is dark blue with silver-grey lines; mushrooms and windows are finished in silver-coloured materials also.


10.6.4 steel hull with steel rear doors and hardwood front doors. Stainless steel fresh water tank.

Isuzu four cylinder 42hp diesel with a PRM hydraulic gearbox.

Front cratch with cover and rear deck tonneau cover.

Central heating and hot water from the Alde gas fired boiler, supplementary heating via the Villager solid fuel stove.

240 volt landline connection, 1500 watt Sterling Inverter and an Electrolux 3.5kVa Travelpower generator.



Light and airy fitout in beech veneered ply with dark sapele cappings and trim over expanded foam insulation. Accommodation comprises from the rear:



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