Grace @rigdenage

Changes and innovations

This is an informal list of lots of the things we've done to Grace since purchase in June - improvements and optimisations, in our minds. Probably not of interest to anyone but us but you never know who might be inspired by an idea for their own boat! Terry has done most of them, Chris has done a fair proportion, and a couple things have been subcontracted.


  1. Built single-seat convertible dinette, with storage under for guest bedding
  2. Modified wine rack to enable storage of chopping boards
  3. Added an inspection hatch to the cabin bilge at the back of the bedroom (and removed 25 gallons of water!!)
  4. Added an inspection hatch above the front step for access to the water tank area
  5. Unscrewed the top of the front indoor step, to be space for storage.
  6. Fixed the gap between water tank and filler pipe!
  7. Added a larger accumulator to enable the clothes dryer to work
  8. Replaced inverter with one that works (modified sine wave)
  9. Insulated all the accessible hidden pipework
  10. Made two acrylic plates to protect switches from being turned on accidentally, in vulnerable places
  11. Put in ventilation for the fridge and freezer spaces to improve efficiency (and possibly life span)
  12. Changed all the halogen ceiling lights to 'warm white' LEDs, to use 1/10th of the electricity
  13. Built a small table that folds down in the front deck, to put up when we want to sit out on the deck with tea, wine or dinner
  14. Added top shelf and side cubby holes to the wardrobe
  15. Had some open shelves (for cups and glasses) built in the kitchen
  16. Added a utensil rack next to hob
  17. Replaced the assorted cupboard knobs & handles with a single, simpler design throughout boat
  18. Put brass rail on ceiling by stove, for drying space
  19. New curtains (terracotta) and curtain rods (wooden)
  20. Small teak gateleg table and 2-seater settee (settee came flat-packed from Nabru) in saloon
  21. Created a new drawer in the kitchen in the space above the fridge by adding keyboard shelf runners to a beech cutlery tray
  22. Created a tea towel storage shelf under the hob with a beech block board on more keyboard shelf runners
  23. Added a 2-shelf pull-out wire basket unit under the sink, for easier access to tins and such like
  24. Added wire half-shelves under the drainer and in end cupboard to increase storage
  25. Added a shelf for tea and hooks for rolling pin on cupboard door under drainer
  26. Added hooks on the door under hob for storing colander & sieves
  27. Added a saucepan lid holder to inside of pan cupboard under hob
  28. Created a paper towel hanger under the high kitchen cupboard
  29. Added ventilation fans (computer fans) to mushroom vents in bathroom and kitchen
  30. Added shelves under the side of the bathroom sink for backup storage
  31. Added magnetic strips to the hem of the roller blinds in bathroom to hold them against the wall
  32. Moved the mirrored vanity cabinet to the wall above the sink
  33. Added a shelf to the wall above the toilet
  34. Removed the glass shower screen (which no longer sealed properly) and replaced with a machine washable fabric curtain
  35. Added small wire storage units in shower area
  36. Installed the DVD player under the top corner cupboard in the saloon
  37. Put thin foil-and-bubblewrap insulation behind all the radiators at the back (hull-side) of the wardrobe, at the back of the under-sink cupboard, and other hidden places vulnerable to condensation
  38. Replaced 12V freezer and 12V fridge with new 12V fridge-freezer which uses much less electric than the old fridge
  39. Installed a rail across the saloon for a curtain to divide guest accommodation from kitchen, when needed. Rail will stow under the gunnel most of the time


  1. Changed the name :-) to Grace (used to be 'Mary-Flo')
  2. Built a step for Chris to stand on when steering
  3. Replaced the ring in the centre of the roof with a T-stud, for ease of short-term tying up on the centre rope
  4. Added a 'cavitation plate' which reduces the chance of something caught on the prop getting jammed, but it also improves the efficiency of the propeller
  5. Had the filler pipe for the water tank fixed
  6. Added a 'porch light' - a solar powered shed light in the front cratch (B&Q £13)
  7. Created a tall holder for internet dongle, which hooks over the rails and magnets to the boat, to get a better signal
  8. Modified the drainage channels under the back deck so that they would be effective
  9. Rust proofed, blacked (for longevity) and added dri-deck (to keep contents out of any water that gets in) to the built-in lockers front and back
  10. Cut the lids to the lockers 1/3rd from front so they are easier to get on and off (especially when table is up)
  11. Put a pallet on the roof for storing new fire wood picked up during the summer (this was temporary it seems!)
  12. Made magetic TV aerial mount
  13. Improved tonneau attachment with magnets
  14. Replaced cheap poly propylene ropes with nice 12m braid on braid
  15. Made secondary tonneau support so it can be used partially deployed
  16. Had boat repainted 2012, which included some steelwork, eg making the lockers drain properly, putting hand-holds at the front of the roof, and new supports for the pole and rack
  17. July 2013 - 130W Solar panel and new set of sealed batteries

For winter

  1. 'Double- and triple-glazed' several portholes with glazing film
  2. Portholes now double-glazed with acrylic sheet discs with plastic chanel around the edge, press-fit into reveals
  3. Used foil/bubble wrap insulation under the hatch and across the back doors, to stop it pouring with condensation
  4. Made an acrylic double-glazing panel for houdini hatch which fastens removably with small clips


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