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This page has been updated in July 2013, with the changes we've made over the past couple years.


New built-in half-dinetteSaloon still has the a 2-seater settee*, corner tv cupboard, book shelves and storage cupboard, and a solid fuel stove on a tiled hearth. The bookshelves have been halved in width, and cut back about half as well, which gives us much more space in the room. The lost shelf space we hardly notice - especially now we have Kindles!

* (Currently evaluating whether to have chairs in place of the settee, for a more flexible space when we have visitors. To facilitate our evaluation, we've removed the settee and put some comfy garden chairs in the space, so we can see how it 'feels'.)

We finally (a year ago) replaced the gateleg table with a built-in 'half dinette' as I call it. A single bench seat plus a table, but designed to transform into a bed for guests. We worked on the design together, and Terry built the dinette with some help (and a table saw!) from a builder friend. Brinklow Boat Services (woodwork section) were really helpful, obtaining the beech blockboard for us and shaping the hardwood mouldings. The cushions were also beautifully made by Sarah Brady at Lime Farm Marina.

There is storage under the seat, and also behind the back of the seat (where there was a breakfast bar and we used to have a 12V freezer). This dinette might get its own page eventually, because we are really pleased with how the design worked out. We were not able to find a design when we looked previously on the internet and a few books.

Table on the front deckI've made curtains for the front and back of the boat, now terracotta rather than some shade of pinky-plum. We also have put a cheap basic carpet down (apart from kitchen and bathroom), because we found the Karndean floor had problematic condensation in the cold weather. We don't tend to run our boat as hot as some of our friends do theirs, so perhaps that was the problem, but carpet underfoot is nice anyway.

On the front deck Terry has made a small table, which folds down when not in use. It continues to be useful, as we like to eat our meals out on the deck when the weather is clement.

A view of the galley, looking towards the backGalley

Kitchen has hand-built wall and floor cupboards, including a full height unit with eye level oven and grill, and full size washer/dryer beneath. (We've just thought to wonder how they got the washer/dryer in... and have concluded it came in before the door frame was put on!)

We have added an open pair of shelves for mugs and glasses, on the starboard side above the counter. It has been so very useful. Beautifully built and matched-in with the existing cupboard by Ken of Brinklow Boat Services.

Top of wine rack turned into a place to store chopping boardsPressure-laminated counter tops have hardwood cappings and also form a breakfast bar. (We may trim back the 1' overhang... not sure.) There is a wine rack built in next to the hob, now missing the top shelf so we have a handy place to stow chopping boards.

There's 12V fridge/freezer in galley, which uses less electric than the old 12V fridge!

Looking towards back to bath in the through-bathroomBathroom

How the bathroom looks, facing towards the front of the boatThrough-bathroom with 4 ft bath, full height tiling and shower over, with a plain white shower curtain.

A vacuum flush pump out loo is on the starboard side, and a vanity unit with sink on the port side. The cupboard under that unit is a tidy place to keep the washing, as well as back-up supplies of soap, toothpaste, etc.



Bedroom with fixed double bed, two large storage drawers under and lockers over. There is also a large wardrobe with two drawers under, to the left of the steps, and the electric cupboard. A full height wet locker is to the right of the steps. (We have added storage shelves to the inside of the wardrobe.)

Terry's Aunt Audrey kindly gave us a couple of patchwork quilts she had made, and one of them is now here on the boat.

View of bedroom facing forward   View of bedroom facing rear steps of boat

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