About coaching


First we have a free, no-obligation introductory chat (about 30 min), to find out about what you want from coaching, and see how well we work together.

If you decide to go ahead with coaching, we set up the first session, where we will agree coaching goals, length and frequency of meeting, and book the sessions. I'd recommend at lest 4 or 5 sessions minimum, to be able to experience the effect of coaching.

Sometimes there will be exercises between sessions. These are to help you explore an area in depth. But if life gets in the way of 'homework' we can still do effective work during the session, so don't let it worry you. You may just need more sessions.

How long does it take?

It depends on what you want. An MBTI assessment needs only 1 or 2 sessions. Addressing a very specific Life or Career issue may take 4 or 5 sessions to begin with. The full Firework™ programme (from 'who am I?' to a complete action plan) takes at least 12 sessions.

Some clients choose to meet for an hour or two per fortnight, others more or less often - all this is open to discussion and your choice.

Basic coaching rates

Your coaching will be tailored to your requirements. One session or many, short series or long, even double up a session for key issues. However, I would recommend at least 4 sessions if you are new to coaching, in order to get the most out of it. Previous clients may choose to come back for just one or two sessions.

  • Face-to-face or phone - £50 for 3/4 to 1 hour; 5 1 hr sessions booked at one time for £225
    (longer sessions available pro-rata)

Special coaching packages

You can have as many or few sessions as you want/need (see above) but here are some 'packages' to inspire you. Perhaps you'd like to gift someone a package?

  • Who am I? - My basic MBTI profiling package, a single 1-1.5hr session.
    £85 including questionnaire & book (face-to-face or by phone)
  • Insights for Self - a package of 5 sessions including work on personal values, strengths, motivators and life purpose
    (face-to-face or by phone)
    £250 for 5 sessions (including MBTI, no extra charge)
  • Insights for Career - a structured 12-session package exploring who you are (includes MBTI), what has made you who you are, what are your dreams, and the Firework™ approach to finding your direction and building a plan. Particularly suited to individuals considering a change of career.
    (face-to-face or by phone)
    £550 for 12 sessions (including MBTI, no extra charge)
  • Insights for Faith - a package of 5 sessions, similar to Insights for Self but including spiritual implications of your MBTI type and discovering how God has gifted you for your life in Him.
    (face-to-face or by phone)
    £250 for 5 sessions (including MBTI, no extra charge)

Contact me now to arrange a Free, No Obligation Exploratory Chat.

About Coaching

"With Chris’s gentle guidance, understanding and patience I was able to reconnect with myself and what I need from life."

Lindsey, Ipswich