Hints and tips

Here are some ideas I've picked up :-

Tidy batteries: battery with cotton tape and protected terminals

Tidy batteries

Protect the bullet terminals on your battery by slipping a piece of snake outer over the bullet. It may be nesessary to squash the tube slightly to get it to stay on.

Tie a piece of cotton tape round your battery to make it easier to get out of the fuzelage. To stop the cotton tape coming off attach it to the battery with insulation tape.

You can also tuck the wires behind the cotton tape to keep them well apart in storage and transit. (see illustration right)

Easy removal of servos: thread loop tied to a servo plug

Easy removal of servos

Removing servo plugs from a small reciever can be a pain so tie a piece of thread round the servo plug with a loop for your finger. Now you can remove the plug without pulling on the wires. (see illustration left)

Securing your batteries: battery in situ with velcro cable tie

Securing your batteries

Double side Velcro cable ties are a great way to secure batteries in models . Tape the Vecro tie to the floor of the fuzelage. Then wrap it round the battery and secure it to itself. (see illustration right)