Model aircraft

I've been playing with model aeroplanes since I was a kid, starting with simple rubber powered models (which I still enjoy) and graduating through free flight competition models, control line, Electric round-the-pole and radio control.

Model aircraft have undergone a revolution in technology and performance recently. Back when I started radio control in the late 70's the idea of flying a radio control model in the house would have seemed preposterous. Now I can buy one weighing just 8.5 grams that I can comfortably fly round our lounge or conservatory even doing aerobatics .

Here are some of the models I've flown indoors sometimes in a gym sometimes at home

Vapor in the lounge



I don't just fly at home I've models that I fly at the local park and have one we take with us on the canal boat.

Over the years I've picked up a few ideas that make life easier :- Here is my hints and tips page.