Cycling - Introduction

'Terry Talks Technical' -

Cycling articles on technical issues, from Colchester Cycling Campaign newsletters.

Our solo bicycles

We are not super keen cyclists but we do enjoy getting about on our bikes, mainly commuting to work. Terry just does it in the summer but Chris braves the elements all year round.

Chris's bike was custom built based on a Nigel Dean frame with ATB componants. The componentry started as Suntour, but has evolved over the years as things got replaced or upgraded.

Terry took the off-the-peg route and went for a Dawes Stirling with the fancy "butterfly" handle bars which give a good variety of hand positions and a semi-upright sitting position.

The Tandem

picture of our Thorn Voyager tandem A Thorn Voyager from St John St Cycles, Bridgwater. A great bike which has done all we have asked of it. It's fast and stable, and the Vee brakes are awesome. We set the captain's and stoker's pedals 90 degrees out of phase, which we find makes for smoother progress especially up hills. We also fitted a larger outer chainring because we kept running out of high gears.

picture showing how bottle cage can be mounted behind captain's saddle on the stoker's stem The stoker's bars have been the subject of much mucking about, we settled on straights with climbing pegs on backwards. Not ideal - the shape is right, but it would be improved to have a smooth curve instead of the chunky joints. The effect is similar to standard stoker bars, but more compact.

We fitted a bottle cage to the stoker's stem, much more convenient for a quick drink.