Welshpool & Llanfair light Railway in 009

Back in the late 70's I started a model of the model of Welshpool & Llanfair Light Railway circa 1905. (OO scale 9 mm gauge)

I chose the Welshpool and Llanfair because of its charm and idiosyncratic nature, something different from the "Slate Quarry" rabbit warren or the GWR branch. The idea was to produce a model railway in a landscape .

I started with the station at Llanfair Caerinion and to keep thing simple I elected to model the railway as it was soon after opening.

Satellite view of Llanfair showing track plan

satellite view of Llanfair

Once I had that working I slowly made more modules and worked my way to Welshpool.

The next section was a fictional route past a mountain and round a lake . I made the lake using patterned glass but due to a measuement error it ended up with a slope which made it ideal for water skiing - no boat required

passing the mountain

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Then arriving at an intermediate station based on Castle Caereinion

The line then crossed the Banwy river on a bridge made by my good friend Lee Styger.

banwy bridge

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Finally onto Welshpool with it mixed gauge siding and standard gauge goods yard.

Then we moved house for my job and the roomy loft I had been using was no longer available so I had to cut the model down drastically. The unfinished Welshpool section did not survive and the Banwy bridge went into storage .

Then we moved again and there was no room for the railway

30 years later after more moves we had a conservatory with room for the railway in a truncated form. The mountain did not survive the moves but Llanfair station , the Banwy bridge and the Castle Caerinion station survived.

These modules were never intended to join so I had to get creative and try and adjust alignments to get an end to end layout with Llanfair at one end the Banwy bridge in the middle and Castle caereinion at the other.

New home


Motive power

I have just two locos neither of which is scale

No 1 Scratch built freelance 262 the body is made from brass and copper water pipe with white metal details. The chassis in a Graham Farish 262 with a larger motor fitted as the original was very feeble and wouldn't move the loco. Painting and lining by Lee Styger.

chassis chassis top on bridge